Who Can Apply to PYP and MYP

The ISSR is a publically funded international school which exists primarily to serve the educational needs of the transient and/or international community of Stockholm.

There are no tuition or school fees, however interested families must meet specific intake criteria established by the Board of Education in Stockholm and students will be prioritized according to our Requirements below. When applying to Grade 0-9, student are not requested to have Swedish ID Personal Number.

ISSR Admission Requirements for PYPK to MYP4 applicants

The criteria for admission are set by the Swedish Ministry of Education in the Education Act Chapter 24 §4. The students will be prioritized in the following order:

  1. Students of international families moving to Stockholm from abroad, and staying here for a limited time.
  2. Students of families moving to Stockholm, (only for students applying to grade 8 or 9), who have attended an English speaking International School abroad for a major part of their education (7th grade or later) and therefore have a reason to fulfil his/her education in an International School. ISSR will prioritise families living abroad when the apply.

Due to the high number of applications ISSR only accepts applicants from criteria 1 and 2

  1. Students permanently living in Stockholm, who in the near future, will continue their education in an International School abroad. For example, children of researchers, employees of international companies or Embassy staff.
  2. Students permanently living in Stockholm, who have English as a mother tongue i.e. speak it on a daily basis with one or both guardians AND who has sufficient knowledge of the English language to follow and participate in the teaching and learning.

Note: Students with significant needs affecting their ability to access an ordinary school learning environment and curriculum are not entitled to international schooling according to the Swedish Education Act which applies to ISSR due to the set up and resources available at the school. This includes for example, but is not limited to, students who are intellectually challenged and/or students in need of significant educational support or adaptations.

As the school is funded by the City of Stockholm, it is recommended that you live within the municipality.  At this stage we give priority to students living within Stockholm municipality, see map below.

Please note that if your situation changes from the admission requirements, your child may lose his/her place at ISSR.


You will find application procedure instructions on the page How to Apply to PYP & MYP.

You need to meet our rules: (If you don’t meet these rules, we will reject your application with no further notice)

  • Have temporary status, short term contract or international assignment with a start date and end date in your contract
  • Live in Stockholms kommun

When you apply, the following documents are mandatory (should be uploaded in pdf format) and the following information needs to be filled out

  • Your short term employment contract or limited employment contract stating your starting date and ending date in Sweden
  • Two latest school reports and any Individual Educational Plans (IEP)/Individual Learning Plan (IPL) or documentation of special educational needs/evaluations available.
  • Complete the online medical form, fill out latest status on your child’s vaccination* and allergies. In addition you must upload your child’s latest vaccination card

*Vaccinations should be up to date according to Swedish regulations, click here for further information

Within 10 days the application will be processed by us, provided it is complete, and we will let you know the status of your child’s application by giving you the following options:

  • Admitted: Your child can start in the coming weeks and we have a spot-  you will receive a confirmation message and checklist to be complete on the application
  • Waiting list: You meet the rules but there is no spot at the moment, or you have applied for the next academic year – we will come back to you in May if we have spots for the academic year starting in August.
  • Rejected: You don’t meet the rules

Age Guidelines

PYP and MYP pupils are placed according to their age and their ability. As a general rule ISSR is following the international schedule:

PYPK – 5 years (5 years before August 1)
PYP1 – 6 years
PYP2 – 7 years
PYP3 – 8 years
PYP4 – 9 years
PYP5 – 10 years

MYP1 – 11 years
MYP2 – 12 years
MYP3 – 13 years
MYP4 – 14 years
MYP5 – 15 years

ISSR will differentiate to the general rule, in rare cases, given the wide variety of school systems and backgrounds of ISSR students, the goal is to find the instructional environment that will challenge but not frustrate the student by being too easy or too difficult.

Application Processing

Applications for students starting during the current academic year, will be answered within a few days.

We cannot be sure of how many places will be available at the start of the next academic school year as parents' work contracts, for example, may be prolonged. When we know the number of places available, the admission process starts with priority (1) to families living within the municipality of Stockholm and having a temporary status (short term international contract in Sweden).

If you live outside the City of Stockholm or for enrolled students moving outside the City of Stockholm (stockholmskommun)

As the school is funded by the municipality of the City of Stockholm, priority is given to families living in the Stockholm boundaries. 

If your child(ren) are already enrolled and you move to another municipality, the enrolment of your child can't be secured. You need to contact the admission officer asap by sending an email to: susanna.vall@stockholm.se

Only students who are in grade 8 or 9 have a secured spot the following year/term despite the fact they have moved.


Admission processing and grade placement decisions will be conditional until such time as all the required admission documents are submitted or forwarded to the admission office. Admission confirmation can only be given provided temporary status, residing municipality and available spots have been clarified and approved. At this stage priority is given to families living in the municipality of Stockholm.