After School Care (Fritids)

Fritids (PYPK-PYP5)

ISSR provides families with the opportunity to enroll children in the after school care program called Fritids. Fritids is intended to supplement the school day, giving students different and more in-depth experiences and knowledge. Creative work and play are core components of learning.

After school care is available each day of the week both before and after school hours at the discretion of the family. An afternoon snack is provided by Fritids each day and different activities are organized on campus.

In fritids at ISSR each fritids teacher runs a club during the week, the clubs that we organize are based on creativity, sports, fitness and team building. We also run other activities around the clubs. The children are allowed to join the clubs at any time during the year, no sign up is necessary.

Every Friday we send a newsletter for the schedule for the following week. We have a Fritids Facebook group which will be updated regularly with information and fun updates of what we are doing in fritids.

Fee Structure


The fee structure for full-time enrolment is based on a percentage of the family income. If income is 45 390 SEK a month of more, you pay the maximum fee.

Youngest child: 2% of income, maximum SEK 908 / month
Second youngest child: 1% of income, up to 454 / month
The next child: 1% of income, up to 454 / month
From the fourth child: no fee

The fee for full time enrolment for students in PYP 4 and PYP 5 is 800SEK per term.

Questions and Further Information:

ISSR Fritids parent handbook 2017

Fritids registration form 2017

Fritids income form 2017

Fritids Coordinator
Anna Kumm