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Football Club

We support our students as individuals by providing a strong intellectual, physical, social and emotional structure that enables growth and development.

With a focus on active learning, open inquiry, critical and creative thinking, and independence of thought, our small class sizes allow the personal interaction necessary for effective learning. We aim to provide opportunities for every student to be successful, while encouraging personal and collective responsibility and growth.

Relationships come first, and through our Advisory support and pastoral care programme, we work hard to ensure that each student feels valued as an individual and connected to the diverse and exciting social and cultural environment of our international student body.

We encourage our students to take responsibility for their school, its environment and its culture through active student participation , a peer-helper programme, and a mix of culture and community clubs that promotes a spirit of internationalism.

Community service is integrated into our curriculum, enabling our students and our international faculty to engage personally and meaningfully in a wide range of local and global initiatives which create genuine learning opportunities and have tangible effects in improving the lives of others and the natural environment.


After School Care (Fritids)

ISSR provides families with the opportunity to enroll children in the after school care program called Fritids. Fritids is intended to supplement the school day, giving students different and more in-depth experiences and knowledge.

Extra Curricular Activities (MYP/DP)

Piano keys
Although the MYP school days are long, there are still opportunities for students to participate in a variety of activities.

We offer a good variety of extracurricular, school sponsored activities at ISSR, for example piano lessons, a football club, Model United Nation and indoor hockey.

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) (DP)

CAS Clubs Overview
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is at the heart of the Diploma Programme.

The idea of CAS is that students should learn by doing and by finding themselves in new situations, a concept known as experiential learning.