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The Diploma Programme moved in to Bohusgatan 24-26 in 2010. In Academic year 2012/2013, ISSR opened up for students in PYP and MYP. At the beggining of that school year, ISSR had around 120 students in total in PYP, MYP and DP. In 2016 we became an IB Continuum school and in 2017/2018 we had more than 600 students.

See information on IB Continuum School on ibo.

The school building is from 1945 and was built for students at "Högre Allmänna Läroverket för flickor" (Higher education for girls) på Södermalm. The school was open for boys as of 1962. In the 70ties and the 80ties the school was only an Upper Secondary School under the name Skanstullsgymnasium. Later in the 90ties and until 2010 the school was called Frans Schartau gymnasium. During the transition year of 2010 ISSR and Frans Schartau shared the school building.

On this site ISSR building will be constructed

Plantskolan 1896 (The site before the school was built)

Play ground 1962

The school building 1962

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