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ISSR Football Club

MYP and DP Extra Curricular Sports

ISSR Sports Club is a nonprofit organization (ideel förening) and an official school club (skolidrottsförening).

If a student chooses to take part in after school sports a subscription of 1000Kr for the whole school year is required. A sliding scale for siblings in the school is applied after the first registered child.

One child in school = 1000kr
Two children = 1000kr+750kr=1750kr
Three children= 1000kr+750kr+500kr=2250kr
Four children= 1000kr+750kr+500kr+250kr= 2500kr

These are standard fees and offer exceptional value at less than 30sek per school week and cover all of the sports clubs that we offer.  Currently these are Football (MYP 1-DP2), Basketball (MYP1 – DP2) and hopefully a running and well-being club.  Other activities may start up during the year based on demand. You are welcome to add a note in the OCR. Once students have “signed up” we expect to see a commitment that reflects the MYP/DP and school values. Commitment and regular participation are vital for success in team sports. These activities take place on Tuesday afternoon.

The subscription goes towards:

Extra Coaches when needed. Senior and Junior soccer and basketball for boys and girls continues to develop, with excellent coaches for all teams at all levels.
Booking of sports facilities in the winter season.
Fees for referees.
Entry to Stockholm Cup competitions.
Team uniforms and playing kit.
Membership in ESSL sports league and other school sports associations as required.

Please see the MYP Extra Curricular Guide and our web site for the sports clubs we offer.

At times these clubs may be subject to change to accommodate competitive fixtures and other school events.

Payment Information

Pay with internet bank to our Nordea account.
Name: International School of the Stockholm Region - IF
Plusgiro number: 7187 34-7
Amount : 1000kr
See scale for additional siblings

Please complete OCR with accurate details
OCR - Student(s) Name(s)
Class details
Sport/ activity you wish to participate in (either currently available or wanted).

If you have any further questions please contact Phil Spires.