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DP2 Visual Arts Exam, March 2021

This year’s Visual Arts DP students will be putting on their final exhibition in The Art Studio and Gallery on the 5th floor next week.

The exhibition is a central part of the Visual Arts diploma programme and an accumulation of individual explorations in a variety of media centered around each student’s own interests. It therefore includes an eclectic array of visual expression that is often intensely personal.

We are very proud of this year’s finalists who have all done an amazing job during a very challenging time affecting the majority of their course. A number of them are planning to continue to study art and design as they move onto further education. The exhibition is a celebration of their achievements and we would have liked to invite you all to attend but unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we have had to limit the number of visitors to a small number of invited guests and students at the school this year.

Larger ISSR art exhibition 2021 poster here

Former years ISSR visual arts gallery can be found here