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Global Politics

Global Politics is an exciting addition to group three that aims to explore
fundamental political concepts such as power, sovereignty and liberty, grounding
these abstract concepts in real life examples and case studies. The study of Global
Politics allows students to develop an understanding of the local, national, international
and global dimensions of political activity, as well as providing students with the
opportunity to explore political issues that could potentially affect their own lives.
The offering will encourage dialogue and debate, in turn nurturing the capacity to
interpret competing and contestable claims.

The internal assessment task involves the students completing an engagement
activity – such as participating in a model UN, interviewing a member of a local NGO,
or conducting an investigation into the food miles of products in a store local to them.
The external assessment will consist of a stimulus based paper, an essay based paper
and (for Higher Level students only) the presentation of two case studies relating to
a contemporary global political challenge such as international security or poverty.

For further information please see the OCC or contact dpdevelopment@ibo.org.