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Grade 10 (åk 1 gymnasium) - Policy, criteria and how to apply

Grade 10 (MYP5 or åk 1 gymnasiet) at ISSR is open to both the local and international communities.

All programmes at ISSR are free of charge.

All applications to Grade 10 is done through Gyantagningen

Applicants from other countries, see information on Swedish Personal number/EU Citizens/Immigration/Diplomats/  on Gyantagningen 

Entry requirements to Grade10:

Student must have: 

  1. Completed nine years (9 years) of compulsory school with official transcripts from last completed grade/ year and last completed term
  2. Student must have a passing grade in the following subject: English, Mathematics (or Algebra), Social Science subjects and Natural Science subjects, see further information at Gyantagningen
  3. Passed the ISSR assessment test

If students are applying with Swedish grades (Gr11 from a school based in Sweden) then the student will apply with his/her meritvärde combined with the result of the assessment test.

The decision about admission will be made on the results of the assessment test and the basis of the final grades that the student receives from his/her school and a total judgment of his/her complete merits, see also how student applications are prioritized. Once the requirements are met by the student applying, the application will also be given different priority depending on the status of the student or the family of the student, see below. 

Grade10 applicants will be prioritized according to the following status criteria:

  • Students having a temporary status (parents work on a limited contract in Sweden for a company/organisation or Embassy) and utlandssvenska* students
  • Students applying who have attended an English speaking International School abroad for a major part of their education or students who have completed the MYP4/MYP9 (IB Middle Years Programme) 
  • Students who have completed grade 9 in Sweden or abroad.   

*Utlandssvensk elev: en elev vars vårdnadshavare stadigvarande vistas i utlandet och av vilka minst en är svensk medborgare.

How to apply

Step 1, apply through Gyantagningen

  • For Students applying from January – August, please contact Gyantagningen – they handle all applications to Grade10 at ISSR 
  • Students applying from abroad always need to send in their last transcripts/grades/reports and contact Gyantagningen

Step 2, Assessment test

All students need to sit the ISSR assessment test. The test is at ISSR and can't be organise in another school or country. All applicants will sit tests in English and Mathematics, unless they have a grade A in English and Mathematics in the Swedish National curriculum for grade 9 fall term. Students can only sit our assessment test once per year. Students need to pass both tests. 

Step 3, preliminary intake, conditional offer or waiting list

For students following the Swedish National curriculum and applying with their merits (meritvärde), admission preliminary intake status will be published in April. Admission results and offers will be published in June/July.

For students following any other curriculum: international/ IB MYP or any other national curriculum and applying with foreign grades or international grades, will be validated only when their final transcript/report has been sent in to Gyantagningen. Admission results will be sent out in July.

All information on the status of students admission is published on the student account on Gyantagningen 

ISSR do not operate with a waiting list.