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Grade 10/M10

At ISSR, the two years of the DP are preceded by a preparatory year (Grade 10), which corresponds to Grade 10 in international schools or the first year of upper secondary school (Gymnasiet) in Sweden.

In Grade 10 all students receive grades according to the Swedish “gymnasie”-curriculum (GY11). Since Grade 10 is also the final year of the Middle Years Programme (M10), students who joined Grade 10 from M10 also receive a final transcript with IB MYP grades. 

During the M10 year students sit external eAssessments in a variety of subjects which are graded by the IB.

Grade 10 is followed by the Diploma Programme (DP) in Grade 11 and 12.

For more information about M10, go to MYP.

For Grade 10 Subjects see this document: grade 10 subjects.pdf