Each subject-are has 4 criteria which sub-divide the subject. This subdivision identifies the major aspects and how students are taught and assessed.


Criterion A

Knowing or understanding

Maximum 8

Criterion B

Developing skills

Maximum 8

Criterion C

Thinking creatively

Maximum 8

Criterion D


Maximum 8


Each criterion indentifies an essential aspect of the subject and as result the teacher will design instruction to both address and assess these criteria during the school year.

Achievement Levels

Each criterion has achievement levels of 8 points attached to it, so the maximum point in a subject is 32 (4x8). When being assessed, students will be told ahead of time the task, expectations and which criterion will be used for the task and they will be told what the possible maximum achievement level(s) is for this assignment.


The sum of the criteria points results in a grade from 1 to 7, where 7 is the highest grade.