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How We Assess

The main objective of assessment in the PYP is to provide feedback on the  learning process. It is an ongoing process to inform teaching and learning. Assessment in the PYP is internal and carried out by teachers. Teachers strive to find a balance between the acquisition of knowledge, the development of conceptual understanding and approaches to learning, the development of international mindedness and the opportunities to take responsible action. PYP teachers design assessments to assess the grade level subject-specific learning outcomes and the learning process. Students are active in the assessment process. PYP teachers use a variety of assessment strategies and tools to provide individual learners with opportunities to show their learning and understanding. Different types of assessments provide teachers with information to shape a holistic picture of student learning. The ISSR Assessment Policy outlines the assessment practices in more detail. 


The Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition is a collaborative inquiry-project that takes place in the final year of PYP. It is a celebration and culmination of the PYP learning journey. Students inquiry into a real-world issue or problem and synthesize the knowledge in a presentation. It is a unique way of showing and using all the essential elements of the PYP.