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How we study MYP

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

In contrast to the PYP where students work on cross or transdiciplinary units at least 50% of the time during their PYP studies, the MYP moves more towards a discipline approach to teaching and learning without completely arriving at the nearly entirely discipline-focused approach of the DP.

Teacher in the MYP are encouraged to design units, where applicable, that cross disciplines and address real-world topics in an interdisciplinary fashion. This happen more or less frequently depending on the topics in a given subject, but the goal is to explore the natural overlaps of subject areas and collaborate between subjects to enhance understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of many issues/concepts in the world.

Examples of interdisciplinary overlap:

  • Physical Education and Science: anatomy, health and fitness and workout regimens
  • Humanities and Mathematics: demography (study of populations), population shifts, immigration, emigration, birth and death rates, etc.
  • Literature and Music: Stories/prose in music (symphonies, operas, lyrical music).

Conceptual Understanding

Conceptual understanding is at the core of teaching and learning in the MYP.  Students delve deeply into the subject content and interact with the information in meaningful and relevant ways.  In addition however, students are expected to reflect on and draw conclusions about overarching themes and how subject content connects to conceptual understanding which reaches over traditional subject disciplines. This conceptual understanding allows students to build lasting connections and see the relevance of a subject and how it connects to issues beyond the walls of the classroom. All subjects have core concepts that they work with range from systems to power to communication. The key and related concepts form the core of the unit of study linking the subject content to bigger ideas beyond the topic to reflect the interdiciplinary nature of work and contemporary society.   

Personal Project

The Personal Project is a year-long investigation of the student’s choosing which can vary in medium and format greatly depending on the interest and creativity of the MYP student. Projects range from theatrical performances, designing/programming a computer game, organizing and carrying out a fundraiser, writing a novel or a piece of a novel. The personal project is both a culmination and a preparation for the continuation of studies in the Diploma Programme.