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IB Continuum

The International Baccalaureate consists of four comprehensive programs designed to educate children around the world into globally conscious members of society. The notion of an international curriculum framework was conceived in the 1960’s initially with the Diploma Programme (DP), which aimed to prepare academically oriented students for university regardless of where they were studying in the world.

The Middle Years Program (MYP) followed suit after much collaboration amongst international teacher around the world who worked actively to design a programme to adequately prepare students for the rigors of the Diploma Programme.

After the development of the MYP and its success as a precursor to the DP the IB returned to the drawing board to bring the spiral completely downwards to the youngest of students with the Primary Years Programme (PYP) catering to children as young as three years of age.

In recent years a fourth programme has arisen, IBCC, which provides an alternative route to graduation for the upper secondary student.