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Information for Grade 9 students applying to ISSR & Assessment tests for Grade 10

Are you a grade 9 student interested in applying to ISSR IB Diploma Programme?

Upcoming events 2021/2022

Start already now to find out about our school

You can watch our films, read our student testimonials and find out about our programme, click here to access our online platform for grade10/M10 applicants

Read the latest study comparing A-levels vs IB DP- how does an IB DP education stand?

In the latest study from 2021, showed that IB diploma students were significantly more likely to attend a UK top 20 HEI, to graduate with honours and to engage in further study upon graduation. Find out more in the full research, here

Virtual high school fair / Gymnasiemässan on Thursday to Saturday, November 25, 26 and 27, 2021

Chat with us at the Virtual high school fair

ISSR Open House on Tuesday January 25, 2022

Be welcome to our Open House at ISSR on January 25, 2022. You can already check out films and student testimonials on: Open House 

ISSR Assessment test date on Tuesday March 8, 2022

Save the date for ISSR Assessment test on March 8. An email will be sent out to all students who have applied to Grade10 at ISSR. Make sure to update your account at Gymnasieantagningen with your email address.

What you can expect at ISSR

  • ISSR is an IB continuum school with IBDP results well above world average.
  • The working language is English. 
  • As a student you will be in a very international environment as our students are from around the world and many of them have studied and lived in more than one country before joining ISSR.
  • There is regular homework and assessment by exam with a significant amount of inter-curricular activities (see under CAS
  • We offer various opportunities for students to travel both in Sweden and internationally, for example: student camps, sports tournaments, Model United Nations, Global Citizens.
  • At ISSR you will get a laptop to assist you with your studies and depending on where you live, an SL card.

Some things to think about and reflect upon when choosing your Gymnasium 

  • Are you looking for a big or a small school?
  • What do you know about the (IB Diploma) Programmes on offer?
  • How many hours do you think you are going to spend on homework?
  • Why are you choosing this school? Is it…to be with friends, parents’ wishes, university ambitions, to be in a safe learning environment?
  • How long are you prepared to travel each day to and from school?

Application process and information 

You find information on how to apply and who can apply to grade10/M10, here 

If you are currently a 9th grader in any Swedish based school you might look for our meritvärde/ intake points. ISSR intake points over the last three years has been between 290 and 312 points. In addition to the required intake points students must pass an English and a Mathematics test, unless they had a grade A in English and Mathematics in the Swedish National curriculum for grade 9 fall term or for students in IB MYP student with 7 in mathematics and 6 in English language and Literature.

Passing ISSR Assessment Tests is a mandatory step in your application process, BUT does not guarantee a place at the school.

Make sure your final grades from Grade 9 (last year of compulsory schooling) are sent in or registered at Gyantagningen before the end of June. Students who have passed our assessment will be competing with the other student applying to ISSR with their final merit points or final international grade validation. 

In addition, to get an offer of a place at ISSR from Gymnasieantagningen (after June 30) you must have the following status: Behörig.

Please contact Gymnasieantagningen if you have any questions. Spots are confirmed by Gymnasieantagningen, and not by ISSR.

Life after ISSR, further studies 

Check out some films, find out how well IB students perform at universities around the world, and discover BridgeU - a university guidance tool used by ISSR students, click on Further studies