Are you a 9th grader & interested in applying to ISSR-Grade10 next academic year

Information to 9th graders interested in applying to ISSR

For students applying to grade10 there are several things happening this coming 9 months:

  • Meet us at Gymnasiemässan in Älvsjö on November 21-23
  • Visit ISSR Open House on December 3 at 17:00 to 19:00
  • ​In January the admission to all upper secondary school in Stockholm opens, see gyamnasieantagningen
  • Check out dates and time for our open school days in February on our website
  • ISSR Assessment tests is postponed to May 19 (Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19))
  • June - See if you will get an offer from Gymnasieantagningen to start at ISSR.  If you apply from a school based abroad make sure you send in your final report to Gyantagningen.

All students applying to ISSR grade10 need to sit our assessment tests in English and Mathematics. Student will get the to following results on the tests: passed or not passed.  Information will be published on Gyantagningen in Jan-Mar.

Further information on how to apply to ISSR and our intake priority groups, see:

*Students with grades from grundskolan combine their results (Passed or Not passed) from the entrance tests with the grades from year 9 to form the basis of acceptance. International applicants provide transcripts of their latest grades to gymnasieantagningen and these are validated and combined with the results (Passed or Not passed) on the entrance tests.  To get a confirmation from Gyantagningen (after June 30) you must have the following status: Behörig.

ISSR will not help students with immigration and visa issues.