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Other Language A (School-supported Self-Taught)

 It is possible for students to study either Swedish A or English A as their Group 1 subject. If neither can be regarded as their best language, it is possible for students to study another language as a school-supported self-taught language A.

Self-taught students will be taught the mechanics of the A course in English with a supervisor.

Self-taught students are expected to make contact with a teacher or institution that can provide guidance on the choice of literature.

The school encourages family members of self-taught students to become actively engaged in the self-taught programme.

Language A is a literary course which focuses mainly on both how the writer conveys his/her work and on what s(he) communicates, the aim being to show how both are connected. The students read 10 works over the two years. The students develop their skills in literary essay writing and formal written and oral commentary. This leads to an awareness of the ways in which literature is written.

Language A School-supported Self-Taught is offered at Standard Level only.