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Preparing students to live in a multilingual and multicultural world

The International School of the Stockholm Region (ISSR) is a publically funded English speaking school founded by the City of Stockholm in response to the growing demand for a truly international education. ISSR is an accredited continuum school offering all three IB programmes; Primary Years Programme,  Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme. At ISSR priority is given to families with a temporary work contract throughout all programmes (PYP, MYP and DP). PYP and MYP are only open to families with a temporary work contract. The DP is open to both the local and international communities but priority is given to families with temporary work contract.

ISSR is built on an atmosphere where intellectual growth, personal reflection and international mindedness are the core concerns.  Our primary goal is to prepare our students for higher education as we also prepare them for life. 

Here you can read more about ISSR in the parents’ handbook.


ISSR Mission Statement

At ISRR we are committed to the IB Mission Statement and Learner Profile.
The community of ISSR seeks to inspire by our own actions, bringing social and academic skills to life.
We support a caring and open-minded environment where students are challenged to develop individually and collectively as learners.
Together, we value cultural diversity as we prepare students to become tomorrow’s global citizens.


School History

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The Diploma Programme moved in to Bohusgatan 24-26 in 2010. In Academic year 2012/2013, ISSR opened up for students in PYP and MYP. At the beggining of that school year, ISSR had around 120 students in total in PYP, MYP and DP. In 2016 we became an IB Continuum school and in 2017/2018 we had more than 600 students.