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Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). As a parent (or guardian) of a student enrolled in ISSR you are automatically a member of the PTA.

Being a member of the PTA simply means you are now part of a community that believes that effective parent involvement in our schools enriches the educational experience of our children. There are no fees or dues and we encourage everyone to get involved, either by volunteering or simply attending our events.




PTA Social Club on FaceBook

Here you will find our social events such as Potluck Lunch, Walking Group, Out & About and Family Socials.  Parents can also share ideas for events to participate in around town.  You can also ask questions to fellow ISSR parents about where to find certain services or products in Stockholm.

Come and join us in this closed and secure FaceBook group only for the parents of the enrolled students at ISSR 2016-2017.  Please send us an email requesting that we add you.