Parents' Page

On this page we will publish information that could be of value for our students' parents. A useful document is the Parent's Handbook.

Information Platform

The information flow between teachers-students-parents is managed through our web-based information platform ManageBac. Contact the school if you for some reason do not have a login.



Report Absence

A parent/guardian should report the absence directly to ManageBac (PYP, MYP, and DP) not later than 8.30, if the student is sick or will not be attending school.

Extracurricular Activities MYP

Although the MYP school days are long, there are still opportunities for students to participate in a variety of activities.

Sports at ISSR

MYP and DP Extra Curricular Sports

Dear Students & Parents,

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). As a parent (or guardian) of a student enrolled in ISSR you are automatically a member of the PTA.

School Documents

Here is a list of school documents in alphabetical order.

For extracurricular activities, see respective programme.