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PYPK (Kindergarten) Class

 In PYPK students need to be five (5) years old before August 1st the academic year the student will start at ISSR.

Learning in PYPK at ISSR focuses on providing children with the essential skills to become lifelong learners. Classroom explorations emphasize an inquiry-based approach to learning where children investigate and problem-solve with a variety of hands-on activities. Our play-based program offers children the opportunity to learn through engaging and interactive experiences. Learners develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills throughout their discoveries. We explore six Units of Inquiry a year within the Primary Years Programme and cover language, mathematics, social studies, science, the arts and personal and physical education. These investigations allow students to extend their knowledge and understanding about the world around them as well as themselves.

The school day is consistent with other PYP classes, 8:30-14:30. Fritids (after school care) is available for registered students after school.