Student Union


 The Student Union is a democratic and non-profit organization that is led by the students of ISSR. The mission of the Student Union is looking after the interests of the students just as a worker's union looks after the workers. Sometimes this means organizing big events and activities where the students get to know each other better, thus contributing to a better school atmosphere such as the Prom, Bonding Day and Talent Show, but also a platform where all the students are welcome to bring their ideas and suggestions to make the school a better place for studying in. The Student Union keeps on developing and progressing for each year with the main goal of helping the students making their voices heard and providing the students with an extraordinary school experience, no matter what it takes.

Agnese Ferrante


Former Student Union Presidents

Siobhán Ravenson

Graduating 2015


Kübra Yilmaz

Graduated 2015

Hanna Hedayati

Graduated 2014


Níchelle Murtag

Graduated 2012

Bensam Solomon

Graduated 2011

Erik van Berlekom &
Erik Forsberg

Graduated 2010


Alexandra Lord

Graduated 2009

Eric Röst

Graduated 2008




Former Student Union Presidents