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  • Grade 10/M10

    At ISSR, the two years of the DP are preceded by a preparatory year (Grade 10), which corresponds to Grade 10 in international schools or the first year of upper secondary school (Gymnasiet) in Sweden.

  • Admissions

    How to apply to ISSR

    For the academic year 2020/2021 we will open up the admission process after January 2020

  • DP Subjects

    All DP courses are two-year courses. For a brief description of each one of the courses go to: IBO

    For a brief description of each one of the courses go to: IBO 

    SL = Standard Level    HL = Higher Level

  • University Advisors

    The role of the University Advisors are to assist the students and the MYP & DP coordinators in facilitating student progression to further education, and also enable the transfer to other schools/programmes of students who are unable to fulfi

  • DP - Policy, criteria and how to apply

    At the moment the DP intake is closed. We welcome applicants from Criteria 1, see below, to contact the admission office after January 2018 to start the admission process for DP1, starting in August 2018.  

  • Global Politics

    Global Politics is an exciting addition to group three that aims to explore
    fundamental political concepts such as power, sovereignty and liberty, grounding