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Universities in Sweden

How to apply to Swedish universities

You find and apply for courses and programs online on antagning.se(See here for an instruction video on how it works.)

Deadline for autumn term 2018 is 16 April.

Note! When you apply online make sure to state that you have non-Swedish grades (utländska betyg) and choose International Baccalaureate from the scrolling list.

Useful links and documents for IB students

This link on antagning.se is helpful for understanding the equivalent of IB grades. See “Applying with and international baccalaureate from 2014 or later” to understand the requirements.

See requirements and information about Swedish university courses:


  1. Full Diploma
  2. Swedish:
    a) You need Swedish A (HL+ SL)
    b) Swedish B (HL + National tests = SVE 1-3) or Swedish B  (SL) + Swedish ISSR teachers will prepare students for Tisus test, but students need to sit and pass Tisus in May each year.
  3. Some general and specific requirements (Eng 5 & 6, Language B) fulfilled in Grade 10.

If you don’t pass the IB finals

Each subject counts so do your very best in each subject so you don’t need to complete too much with “komvux”. A passing point is “4”. Doing well Grade 10 is crucial.

General and specific information about study options

By searching for and comparing different courses and programs you will find information to help you find the right choice for you. Use studera.nu, allastudier.se and utbildningsinfo.se.

Other studying options

If you want other study options apart from at a university or university college, look at folkhogskola.nu, myh.se and yrkeshogskolan.se.

Information about professions and careers

The best links for this you will find at arbetsformedlingen.se and at saco.se

Checking chances of being accepted to a course or a program

Check statistics from previous terms at statistik.uhr.se. (Click on “Urval 2” to see the grade point average of the students who were finally accepted in the second round.)

If you do not have all the courses required or need a higher grade to get in to a programme

You may need to take an additional course at Komvux after graduating from ISSR in order to meet the special requirements for a certain program. Komvux or Åsö vuxengymnasium.

If you need to meet higher requirements in the natural science subjects you can apply for a something called a “basic year”. You will then study the subjects on an upper secondary school level but at a university, technical college or folkhögskola.

Student aid and accomodation

Find information about student aid which includes both grants and loans at csn.se and how to apply for it.

For student accommodation please visit the websites of each university in advance to register.