Welcome to the PYP (Primary Years Programme) at ISSR

The Primary Years Programme at ISSR offers a truly international education for families living in and around Stockholm on a short term basis.

Tuition is in English for most subjects from grade 1 to the final year of high school so as to provide a continuous program of rigorous instruction for the international community of Stockholm and its surroundings. The Kindergarten program offers a mixed language environment so children can learn some Swedish while they are living in Stockholm.  If you are interested in the kindergarten program please click below for a brief description. 

The curriculum is guided by the internationally-recognized non-profit organization, International Baccalaureate, which has been providing mobile international families three academic programmes with international recognition since the 1960’s.

ISSR is a public school and aims to provide an IB education for as many international families as possible. In order to provide for this, the school might combine classes in the PYP based on the number of students enrolled. Some classes might be single-grade classes and other combined. The set-up of classes will change every school year.